Not a Content Strategist? That’s Okay.

05/14/13 Kristin

We’re not big on titles. Around here we all try to pitch in where needed; we wear many hats. We know it’s like that for a lot of you Jumpchart users, too. Whether or not you think being able to do more is better, know this:

Just because your name tag doesn’t say “Content Strategist” on it somewhere doesn’t mean you don’t play the part as you’re building websites. That’s okay. I repeat: That’s. Okay.

We’re not content strategists, either. That’s partially why we created Jumpchart in the first place; we wanted a tool that allowed us to be better at putting the pieces in the right order. Jumpchart makes it easier to navigate the waters of site architecture and content organization. But maybe more importantly, it allows you to make edits to everything, anytime. You’ll never lose any of your work – you can always change your mind and go back to and older version of content. Pretty great, huh?

Let’s face it. On your quest to help your readers accomplish their goals in the most useful way possible, you probably won’t nail it on the first try. So take a step back, look at the bigger picture (Jumpchart has a fantastic site map view for that) and try, try again.

Jumpchart 5 Sneak Preview

02/26/13 Joe

Though it’s not quite done, we’re almost ready to let a few people in to check out the redesign of Jumpchart. It’s a really exciting, and a bit nervous moment for us. This is the most significant redesign we’ve worked on, and it’s been a lot of work.

If you want to be one of the first to check it out, send an email to

Only catch is that you have to send us some honest feedback once you kick the tires.

Dealing With Purchase Orders.

02/19/13 Joe

As some of you may know, there are two sides of our business. We have the design studio – Entermotion and the app development side with Paste.

This puts us in a really great place. Some of us are building the apps we know the rest of us need to do our job. Since many design studios are just like us – that means (usually) there will be demand for what we build.

We’ve been tossing around an idea for a small application here lately. We have a problem tracking purchase orders for client work. Stock photos, printing, screen printing, etc. all get purchased on behalf of our clients. It is a complete mess to try and track:

  • How much the vendor quoted you
  • Which vendor had the best price
  • If the vendor responded
  • If the vendor included tax, shipping, etc.
  • How much you told the client it would cost with your markup
  • How much it actually cost when the job was done

We’ve been toying with the idea of building a super simple app to help our design side manage this. We’d love your feedback on whether you think it might be useful to your studio or business too. I’ve attached some super simple wireframes below.

What do you think? Would you use it? If it was free? If it was $5?



Small Details – Project Icons

02/18/13 Joe

Project icon

It’s a small thing, but one of the most helpful features in the new version of Jumpchart we’re building is project icons. On your account homepage, you’ll see a grid full of projects, each with their own customizable icon. If you manage lots of projects like we do, you won’t believe how such a simple thing can improve how you use Jumpchart.

Organizing Files for your Website Project

01/24/13 Joe

A website is made up of lots of files. Website planning is all about organizing those files into a coherent structure. When we first made Jumpchart, we wanted very badly to let people organize their files on a per-page basis.

That way there was no guessing where an image or PDF went when it was time to build. Page level attachments remove all the ambiguity. There is a downside to this organization, though. How do you find one file in the middle of a hundred pages? Hopefully you’ve put the file where it makes most sense, but memory only serves us so well…

In Jumpchart 5, we’re finally solving this problem. The all new Resources section will give you an aerial view of all the files used across an entire project, including their size. It will even show you the mockups you’ve attached, along with their approval status.

We’re hoping this quick way to see all your files at once will really speed up your workflow. It should also make it much easier to see where the largest files are if you’re managing your account limits.

Here’s one last tidbit about the Resources section: We’re caching queries and using Amazon for file storage, so it’s super fast. We’re really excited to have you give it a try when we launch.

Two Columns.

01/11/13 Joe

One thing we worked extremely hard on a while back was supporting multiple columns in Jumpchart. In our minds, we thought it would help with real estate on larger monitors, and also give people more flexibility with organization. After all, websites are rarely just one big column of content.

The problem is, it confused people. It made exports weirder. It was us dabbling in UI type situations when Jumpchart is supposed to be about organization, not design.

Thankfully, we’re ending all that in version 5. But for all the relief that brings, we discovered we had a new problem. How do we handle all the extra monitor space, since a column of text can only be so wide without being impossible to read?

The solution took us full circle in some ways. We brought back two columns … but they’re not indicative of layout. You always have a comfortable reading width, and we take advantage of the extra space on your monitor if you have it. It’s so cool, when we first implemented it I just sat there dragging my browser window back-and-forth like an idiot.


01/09/13 Joe

Our blog and Twitter have been silent for a while now. There are a few reasons, but one of the main ones is we’ve been working really hard on the new Jumpchart.

The trend with most tech companies is to keep everything very secret until it’s ready to launch. There are a lot of reasons why this is smart, but it’s also boring. We’ve sort of followed that trend without giving it too much thought up till the last few days. As it turns out, we think the benefits of sharing what we do and how we do it far outweigh the alternative.

So we may discuss some features that don’t make it to prime time. We might talk about how great something is, then change our minds later. But what’s wrong with giving ourselves that permission? We want to show you what we’re working on.

So without any more preamble, let’s talk about Jumpchart!

We thought it might be fun to catch you up on some of the incomplete designs that didn’t make it.

Starting Out.

Early Jumpchart mockup

This one is a direct predecessor to the thinking behind the current Jumpchart. While it is a cleaner arrangement, and it led to some ideas you’ll see in the version we’re working on, we scrapped it shortly after its creation. We really wanted to do something that felt big. And we wanted it to be responsive. We started here with a basic reorganization of the app, but ended up with a total redesign.

Baby Steps.

Early Jumpchart mockup

This one started to feel better, but the organization, and hierarchy still weren’t right…

Getting Closer!

Early Jumpchart mockup

Finally, we have this incomplete mockup; it’s the last mockup we abandoned before we started on the all new Jumpchart 5 that we’ve been working on for months now. In some ways, it’s the most direct predecessor.

Next time I write, I’ll show you a little bit of what we’ve been building!

Paste Holiday Hours.

12/21/12 Kristin

It’s time again for our annual Holiday Break. We’ll be out of the office until January 2, doing things like hanging out with friends and family, chasing kiddos around, and maybe succumbing to a nap here and there. Our response time might be a little slower than usual until we’re back in the full swing of things.

If you have an emergency during the break, just shoot us an e-mail – we’ll do our best to get you taken care of as quickly as we can.

Happy Holidays!

It’s Official.

10/17/12 Kristin

We turned off pprka today; it will no longer be a standalone app. But like we mentioned, we have big plans for the programming, so rather than saying “goodbye,” we’re instead sticking with “see you soon!”

An App’s Evolution.

08/22/12 Kristin

We evolve. We evolve as people, and we evolve as workers of the web. It’s no surprise that the apps we make evolve, too.

On that note, we have big plans for the programming that used to make pprka. However, in order to focus on the future, we need to keep what’s in the past actually in the past. So we won’t be accepting any new pprka users from here on out.

Now, all you current pprka users out there, unbunch your drawers because nothing’s changing for you. You’ll still be able to use pprka like you always have without interruptions. We just don’t see it having standalone app status in the future.

So, if you have questions, please let us know! In the meantime, cheers to evolution.