It’s Our Birthday and We’ll Celebrate if We Want to

09/29/15 Kallie

It’s finally here. The day we’ve been waiting for. The one we’ve been dreaming about. Today, on the 29th of September in the 2015th year of the Gregorian calendar, Jumpchart turns 8. Ocho. Otto. VIII. Stay a moment to hear all about how we were birthed (we spared you the gross details. Promise!)

In a land far far away in a place that looks a little bit like the world does today, there existed something that we used to call paper [pey-per]. Paper was a tool that people used to write with. For centuries upon centuries, men and women and boys and girls lost hours upon hours searching for the single paper that they needed to send to their friend or colleague.

The world continued like this until, one day, a little boy came along and thought, “there’s gotta be a better way.” So he invented what he called the “folder.” It was a little accordian-like tool that was used to house documents.

As young bucks, we used to go to that boy’s house and play a game called, “I call out a folder and you run around the folder library looking for it until you find it and once you find it, you pull it out and give it to me so I can open it and use the documents.”

Despite the long title, it was quite a fun game. But after years and years of this, and after papercut after papercut, that little boy (who was now a venerable grandpapa) decided to abandon his charts and papers and collaborative tools (jump ship, really), and dedicate his life to clementine farming.

In 1984, we scooped up the dream and we put it in a little jar and we watered it every day with love and hope and milk (whatever, dreams like milk!). Finally, 8 years ago, we looked and noticed that our dreams were too big to stay in the jar. So we put them online, where they could be safe.

Jumpchart grew a little bit in these 8 years, and we’ve done some cool stuff. Like all the other 8 year olds you know. Only Jumpchart lives inside a computer and not your house. Oh yeah, and Jumpchart doesn’t scream at you to get us a bowl of cereal every morning, so that’s gotta count for something. Check out our stats.

  • Users: 132k
  • Projects: 192k
  • Pages: 1.6m (That’s right. Million!)

Fun Stuff You Didn’t Need to Know But Now You Know:
  • Jumpchart users are most active on Tuesdays. They create about 309 thousand pages that day.
  • Our single most loyal active user has been with us since September of 2008, and they have over 7 thousand pages written!
  • The largest project in the app has 2315 pages.
  • Saturday (not Sunday) is the slowest day for page creation.

Now if you get asked to partake in a fun battle of Jumpchart Jeopardy, you can win. Follow us on twitter for a chance to win a birthday gift (with love, from us to you!)