Demo or Don’t!

09/30/15 Kallie

Have you ever had a moment where you’re sitting there eating lemon pie and thinking about the moon and then you’re like, “what even is the moon?” And so you start calling all of your friends and asking them questions like, “do you think the moon was actually part of earth?” and “Isn’t it wild that it takes the moon the same amount of time to rotate on its axis and orbit the earth?” and then you wonder whether the other side of the moon has a different face and whether that face is actually  a reflection of your own soul. And then you look down and all the lemon pie is gone and your puppy is running through the house, full of pie and happiness.

Many moons ago, the first version of Jumpchart was sort of like a little cuddly baby. We loved it, of course. We cooed it to sleep at night. We washed its hair with lotion. We fed it a lot of words and hugs and lemon juice. Cut to today: Jumpchart is no longer a baby. Now it’s a bit more sophisticated. Now it wears fancy white fancy pants and reminds us of a bit of our favorite vintage goods, only sleeker. Now we go around showing pictures of Jumpchart to people who don’t even know us and we say things like, “but look! Doesn’t Jumpchart’s hair look like white diamonds?”

Anyhoo. We built an all new interface for Jumpchart, and we’re letting a few people try it out. If you want to be one of them, sign up here:

Sign up to try the Jumpchart demo.