You’re on Board with the Content First Approach. Are Your Clients?

10/01/13 Kristin

I usually don’t talk about client interactions, but this time I’m going to make an exception. An exception that will hopefully help close the bridge between you and clients who can’t wait to get to the sparkly design stage.

When you explain to your client that you work with a content first approach, you might be met with a raised eyebrow. You might feel like you have to defend your process – but you don’t! Instead, educate them. Convince them. Remind them that their project is going to turn out great, and this is why.

When you invite someone to a Jumpchart project, you have the option to include a personal message with the invitation. We have some default content there that explains what Jumpchart is, and I think a variation of it can be used in this situation, too.

Here’s the content as it stands in Jumpchart now:

You’ve probably heard us mention Jumpchart in bits of our conversations- here’s a little more information on it as we move forward.

When putting together your website, there are certain steps we take to make sure we give you the best finished product possible. The first step is figuring out what order your site’s pages will go in, and what content will go on which pages. The next steps include designing and programming. Jumpchart is an online tool we use specifically for the first step of this process. 

It gives us visual access to what the site will look like from a navigational and content point of view. Jumpchart helps us optimize the layout and content of your site: the backbone. It gives us a really solid foundation to build on.  

This is your invitation to the Jumpchart we created for your site. When you accept the invitation you’ll be able to see progress we’ve made, as well as make your own suggestions in the comments section. You can even edit content on the actual pages. It’s like a meeting room between us- but we don’t all have to be there at the same time!

But with a little tweaking, it can be transformed into an elevator pitch you could use in front of a client anytime, on demand.

Check it out:

As we’re building your site, we’ll follow a time-tested, creative process that helps make sure we give you the best finished product possible. The first step is making sure we have a clear picture of the BIG picture. So we start with what pages will exist on your site, and what content will go where. The idea is to provide a really strong foundation to build on so the design and programming phases go smoothly from square one.

The decision to jump on board with the content first approach is an incredibly important one. I think it’s also important that your clients hop on the bandwagon, too. So hold their hand if you must, but try your hardest to make them see things your way. If they don’t believe in your approach, maybe you should take a minute to evaluate the relationship. If they hired you, the expert, to build them something great, but fight you every step of the way, maybe they’re not worth fighting for.