I'm not a nerd.

10/16/09 Kristin

I’m not a nerd. Well, I guess I’m kind of a nerd… but not really.

I’m Kristin, and I work for a web app development company. To be (brutally) honest with you, I don’t know much tech lingo or a lot about web design in general. But I do find it fascinating. So what am I doing here? I guess you could say I’m sort of a journalist inside my own company; I work to pull out the information people might find captivating (or at least, a little bit appealing) about what we do here at Paste Interactive. 

The truth is, I’m not so different from my co-workers, even though I don’t have a design degree and reading code is like reading another language. We’re all here to solve a problem. They’re here to solve the problem of disorganization and they do that by creating great web apps that help people simplify their lives. I’m here to solve the problem of what happens when they’ve dug themselves so deep into their work that they have trouble seeing when something is really interesting and worth sharing. I talk to them, probe a little bit to find out what they’re working on. I ask them to explain things to me. I look it up online, and then I attempt  to translate everything into plain english, which sometimes is the most difficult part.

It’s a really great and interesting gig, though, because as much as I disliked school, I’m thrilled with doing research all the time. Seemingly tedious tasks like that can be so rewarding when there is genuine interest. 

So I’m a writer. Of words, not code. But I’m going to do my best to be a good translator. 

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