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Content First Improves Site Design.

“When working with designers the content is often one of the last things the designer receives while building the site. Unfortunately, this is can cripple the designer’s ability to create a site that achieves the goals set. Design is supposed to compliment the content, not the other way around.” – Tyme White,

Getting started the right way when you’re planning a website is crucial. Nobody likes to be behind before the starting gun even goes off. So why would you push pixels before you know what those pixels are gonna reinforce? Plus, getting your content laid out first is a great way to spend less time revising in the end. Who doesn’t want to be more efficient?

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The Importance of Content Wireframing.

Nobody would build a house without a blueprint. No factory would build a car without a plan. A plan is the starting point for any solid project. Without a plan, you’re sure to wind up somewhere you, well, didn’t plan on.

Our heritage is in a company that builds bespoke websites for clients. Since the beginning of our business, we’ve always adhered to the idea that regardless of the vehicle we choose to use to tell it, our job was primarily that of a storyteller.

In the case of websites, we use pages, text, and images to tell that story. Keep Reading

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