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Technology’s Future Based on My Own Random Guesses.

As far as I know, I don’t own any computers anymore. I own screens, keyboards, and mice. The computer has disappeared. The iPhone as far as I’m concerned is about as small as useful computing can get given the limitations of technology we can currently imagine. It could get thinner, or maybe a tiny bit shorter, but any more, and it gets less useful. Despite that, there’s still a computer hidden inside there.

I can imagine a time when the screen and input devices go away, and we just speak or gesture at computers to get results, but I think that’s a long ways off. Keep Reading

Free Idea – Print to iPad

Joe 05/18/10
free ideas

I still print things… Unfortunately when I proofread, I just can’t do it on my monitor. It’s a mental block I guess. But getting my eyes mere inches away from the content, and running my fingers over it helps me.

The iPad has the same intimate feeling for content as paper. I think it’s a great opportunity for a mac developer to build a plugin to the OSX print dialog for iPad output via bluetooth. Not only is it a great way to share documents with yourself right before heading out, it’s a placebo for paper in those few times we still need it most.

Under the Hood.

Kristin 04/02/10

“40 years ago you could open the hood of your car and see and touch just about every component in there. And you had to, because many of those components required frequent maintenance. To properly own a car required, to some degree, that you understood how a car worked. Today, you open the hood of your car and you see a big sealed block and a basin for the windshield washer fluid. You can buy a new car, drive it for years, and never once open the hood for yourself.

That’s the iPad.”

-John Gruber

On the iBook Store.

Joe 03/16/10
Ear to the ground

Maybe the whole thing will feel hokey to people who expect their $500 gadget to feel more Minority Report than Gutenberg. – Neven Mrgan

It’s a big maybe, -but a really valid point. Web and app developers are always going to struggle with this. Pixels have no physical characteristics, or culture to embrace, -they can be anything. I get the feeling that the iPad is Apple’s effort to appeal to the older crowd in a way that they never have. Simpler, bigger, and more like the real world. All of the apps matching their real world counterpart will probably help users who spent the first 30+ years of their life without a computer adapt more easily.

NY Times. Too Bad, Maybe.

I semi-religiously read the NY Times online. it’s sometimes frustrating inside of a browser, but the writing is amazingly worth the effort. Even on the iPhone, it’s worth all the pinching to get at that great content.

I have never in a decade of post-college adulthood subscribed to a physical newspaper. I have subscribed to a few printed magazines (mostly as received gifts) but for more than a year have subscribed to none.

However I’m what I would consider a voracious consumer of content. I read blogs, books (both virtual and digital) listen to podcasts, and lots of audiobooks. So it’s not that I lack the wherewithal, or the desire to read a daily newspaper. Keep Reading

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