Dealing With Purchase Orders.

02/19/13 Joe

As some of you may know, there are two sides of our business. We have the design studio – Entermotion and the app development side with Paste.

This puts us in a really great place. Some of us are building the apps we know the rest of us need to do our job. Since many design studios are just like us – that means (usually) there will be demand for what we build.

We’ve been tossing around an idea for a small application here lately. We have a problem tracking purchase orders for client work. Stock photos, printing, screen printing, etc. all get purchased on behalf of our clients. It is a complete mess to try and track:

  • How much the vendor quoted you
  • Which vendor had the best price
  • If the vendor responded
  • If the vendor included tax, shipping, etc.
  • How much you told the client it would cost with your markup
  • How much it actually cost when the job was done

We’ve been toying with the idea of building a super simple app to help our design side manage this. We’d love your feedback on whether you think it might be useful to your studio or business too. I’ve attached some super simple wireframes below.

What do you think? Would you use it? If it was free? If it was $5?



  1. Geof Harries says:

    For these sorts of things, I usually end up just putting the numbers into Excel. Once chosen and approved, I add that order cost as an expense in Harvest and charge it to the project budget. That said, our needs may be simpler than yours (it looks like).

  2. Joe says:

    Maybe it’s a question of quantity? We usually have a dozen or so of these at any given time. If a vendor drops the ball and you forget to follow up, you look like a jerk to the client waiting on the quote. (thanks for replying!)

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