How You’re Most Valuable.

08/19/11 Kristin

Wearing many hats can be exhausting. And rewarding, and painstaking, and refreshing. Guess that’s what you get if you have all those hats on…

I’ve given it some thought, though, and I’ve decided how I feel about the whole blending interests and being pretty good at all of them vs focusing on one thing and mastering it conversation.

When it comes down to it, I think being able to do lots of things makes you more valuable. When you’re confidently strong in several areas, is it really necessary to then “master” one of them and forsake the rest? I just don’t think so. Plus, I think having all that other experience beefs up your creativity level, allowing you to come to integrated (and truly innovative) conclusions rather than only having a focused point of view to draw from.

We’re a much stronger team here because of our individual diversity. Those of us who design can also code. Those of us who write also help with project management. Those of us who work with information architecture also know the ins and outs of e-comm design. Some of us who do all of the above.

Just because we’re not masters at each of those things doesn’t mean we don’t strive for perfection. Less than great is not an option, and that’s the best part of being multi-dimensional. We learn something new every day… and teach each other along the way.

  1. I like it, it’s what I do, or am. It does take a lot of effort to keep up to date in all these fields, but it’s worth it. Knowledge is nothing more than connecting ideas and information. Being good at many things makes you prone to be the first to make those connections.

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